Building Sustainable Communities

Sustainability Ownership

We know that bringing out the best in people means doing what’s best for the environment and together with our partners, we are committed to building a better, more sustainable future.

At Cumberland, environmental management is considered more than a ‘box to tick’, it’s an ethical responsibility and one we are committed to delivering against. Prioritising best practice, our team has been unwavering in their commitment to sustainability since our inception in 1997.

Our day-to-day practices are guided by our stringent ISO 20400 compliant
Environmental Management System – adherence to which is integral to the way we do business.

Recognising that true sustainability goes beyond energy, water & waste conservation, we outline detailed methods for dust & debris reduction as well as minimising artificial noises to natural landscapes.

Next-Gen Tech Adoption

We dedicate an abundance of time and resources to identifying and procuring
state-of-the-art solutions in this space – most recently offering our clients the latest in geothermal technology, further streamlining efficiencies and safeguarding our planet’s future.


Ethically Sourced Materials: Wherever possible we source and select non-toxic, rapidly renewable materials.

Circular Economy Promotion: Consciously recycling construction materials is an integral component of our broader waste management plan to promote circularity.

Emission Management: By implementing efficiencies in material design and striving to enhance existing structures, we mitigate a significant percentage of carbon emissions.

Technology Adoption: We dedicate abundant resources to researching and procuring the latest in sustainable technology.

A resilient business

“Being sustainable is more important than it’s ever been, and to have a sustainable business is to have a resilient business.

With every project we undertake we strive to have a positive impact on communities and the environment.”

Lucille Sutton
Operations Manager
Cumberland Building

SVG Illustration