Excellence Unrivaled.

Construction synonymous with luxury

Cumberland has a proven record.

While comprising hundreds of varied, diverse and highly challenging projects, the Cumberland portfolio has one constant throughout – superb established quality.
We deliver breathtaking innovation every time, thanks to our unending exploration of and dedication to detail.

When you build with Cumberland, you know to expect the best.

We lead from the front and innovate at every turn, proudly garnering a reputation for excellence spanning 23 years. Striving to exceed customer expectations, we offer premium quality as our standard and implement a meticulous and hands on approach from beginning to end.

Established Quality:
Breaking the mould

Stepping away from traditional practice, we heavily involve our clients and their teams at every stage of construction to ensure we build unique spaces that bring out the best in people.

We look for the person or people behind a project, not only constructing the building but envisioning the home.

Codes and Standards

> ISO Qualifications
Our integrated management system is currently under review to be certified by Global-Mark.
• AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety
• AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016 Environmental Management Systems
• AS/NZS ISO 9001 : 2016 Quality Management Systems

> Legal and Standards
Cumberland Building complies with:
• NSW Work Health and Safety Act
• NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations
• NSW Construction Work Code of Practice

> Prequalified Contractor
Cumberland Building is also a pre-qualified certified contractor for Government projects up to $1M for design and construct.
Prequalified for SCM0556

Quality control across the board

Cumberland has an active Quality Control Plan across all projects to ensure that detail and integrity are never compromised.

We believe that quality is about more than meeting minimum contractual requirements. Quality for Cumberland is exponentially exceeding our clients’ expectations with the product and service we provide.

A Master Inspection and Test Plan is prepared to identify, plan and provide a record of project specific inspections and tests from commencement to completion of the build.

Established Quality in practice

Through careful control and frequent inspection, we ensure that all required standards of quality are met and surmounted.

Cumberland has the responsibility to control construction activities, quality, inspect the work, and prepare documentation as appropriate in a timely and efficient process.

“Quality… It’s a word that carries many meanings and one that’s weight is often diminished thanks to
over saturation however for us, it’s everything and our commitment to achieving it cannot be
overstated. Brilliant quality is in our DNA and since our inception, has remained the focal
point of every project”

Michael Roedl

Managing Director
Cumberland Building