We use
Modern Construction Methods

All the boxes ticked

We employ modern construction methods to our projects which allows for benefits across quality, cost, health and safety and environment impact.

We deliver – even in live environments

Our robust safety and risk management systems play a big part in our teams’ ability to deliver complex construction projects in live environments (construction within occupied buildings) and high traffic public spaces.

Our approach is to create a program that allows clients to continue their ‘business as usual’ even during large scale refurbishments and fit-outs.

We embrace best practice technology for your project

We have a fully integrated construction, document management, cost control and workflow system across both our residential and commercial builds.

Commercial property development is information-intensive and there are many processes that require fast, accurate and extensive exchange of information. Using the right technology at the right time is crucial in achieving time, cost and quality objectives.

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Clear + Constant

Our open communication
● Prevents project delays
● Avoids damage to equipment & property
● Ensures the safety of our team
● Promotes innovation & transparency.

Our construction software, Cheops allows us to share and disseminate information to all stakeholders. All changes to project documentation are stored and updated so that everybody has access to a single source of accurate up to date information.

Our wholly transparent document management system allows for
● Enhanced security
● Stronger collaboration
● Improved regulatory compliance
● Streamlined information access for important procedural & command chain

Real time collaboration ensures key stakeholders are kept abreast of emerging changes and important updates – promoting greater visibility and more uniform goal setting across the business.

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