Unmatched versatility

Clients first

Our building service capabilities are designed to meet the varying needs of our clients. We ensure all cost structures and management processes fit precisely with our clients’ requirements.

New Construction

Combining years of building expertise with a passion for innovative techniques and intelligent problem solving we construct high quality sustainable projects for both residential and commercial construction, on time, within budget – every time.

With unequaled experience, a rigorous process and adaptable thinking, we ensure all projects remain on track all the way through to a successful completion.

Alterations + Additions

We are ready to meet the challenge of working in the most complex spaces and meeting all existing building requirements to transform properties into vibrant modern spaces for people to live and work in. We are confident that our construction methods will provide minimal disruption to your home.


Many renovations and refurbishments take place in live environments, our team exercises agility & innovation to ensure minimal disruption. Together with our partners, we transform properties into vibrant and modern spaces, where people can thrive.


Employing innovative solutions to restore great spaces while maintaining integrity. At Cumberland, we seamlessly integrate the old with the new – offering a range of specialised services in the heritage space, including;

• Facade upgrades
• Brick and stone masonry renewal and repair
• Slate, zinc, copper and lead works
• Detailed plastering and wood works
• Structural repairs
• Detecting and curing water ingress
• Rising damp rectification and service upgrades.

Specialist Works

With decades of experience in delivering complex services while adhering to structural requirements, we have developed a refined and sophisticated level of knowledge around specialised works.

Covering all facets of specialist construction including;

• Construction below water tables
• Sloping Sites greater than 50 degrees
• Underpinning
• All types of piling including CFA CMS contiguous secant
grout injected screw piles
• Rock bolts and rock anchors
• Shotcrete
• Swimming pools
• Landscaping


At Cumberland we deliver on remedial and restoration needs across Sydney. Our professional and highly skilled team promises constructional longevity and aesthetic integrity by ensuring all assets are on track.

Our remedial services include;
• Waterproofing both internal and external
• Facade repairs
• Roof systems
• Structural repairs
• Concrete remediation
• Lintel and arch bar replacement
• Balustrade replacement
• Window replacement
• Fire upgrades
• Protective coatings

Small Works

Many of our clients have a regular arrangement. Since 1997 we have developed a loyal recurring client list, who depend on and trust in us for ongoing maintenance of their homes and other properties.

Talk to us about how we can assist you with regular maintenance on your properties.

As one of Sydney’s most versatile builders, we are confident in our ability to deliver premium
residential homes , and innovative commercial spaces.

Tender options

Our tender options are all designed to meet your varying needs. We ensure all cost structures and management processes fit precisely with your individual requirements.

Fixed Lump Sum

We offer fixed lump sum tenders – with a single price for all activities in your project scope. We consider this method the most effective means of reducing the construction price for a build. Payments are made in fixed durations based on scheduled work completed.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering solution provides architects with costing knowledge, allowing them to complete the design process with the full confidence that they are meeting their clients budget expectations. We work along side the architect at every step making the entire process completely streamlined.

Cost Plus

We obtain materials and services at each stage – passing on the actual costs to the owner and adding an agreed margin to cover overheads and profit. We can also fix the preliminaries allowing an element of certainty however still with the benefit of flexibility and transparency. We accurately and diligently keep all records through our integrated document management system.

Project Management

We combine the responsibilities of a traditional project manager with our skills and expertise in the construction industry. We handle programming, safety, time management, cost management, quality assurance, decision making, and human resources for your project.

Design + Construct

We design and construct cost-efficient projects on time and to budget. From approval for a DA, to completion, we work to ensure the best solution for our clients.

Codes + Standards

Our integrated management system is currently under review to be certified by Global-Mark.

Quality Regulations

We complies with NSW Work Health and Safety Act, Regulations and Construction Work Code of Practice.

Our Project Locations