Our leaders

champion safety

We refuse to compromise
on safety

When you care about people as much as we do, you’re left with no choice but to make safety your number one priority.

At Cumberland, we believe that every person deserves to return from work, safe and well and that an incident free work day is fundamental. Safety is forefront of every decision we make – on and offsite and is an expectation, not a hope.

Our accredited management systems and industry leading project delivery software ensure best safety practices are always met.

Practically speaking, injury prevention is best achieved thanks to our pristine work sites.

Visible leadership & open communication

Educational safety briefings are passionately led by our company’s leaders, who consistently set the benchmark for high safe work practices.

By strictly adhering to and enforcing safety systems and initiatives, Cumberland meets and exceeds all standards against:

● Work Health and Safety Act
● Work Health and Safety Regulations
● Construction Work Code of Practice

We are constantly innovating in this space and our most current safety system is presently under review to be certified by Global-Mark to AS/NZS ISO 45001:2018.


COVID-19 Safe

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that workplace safety go beyond
injury prevention. As a business, we are fortunate to have not been adversely affected by the
virus however are under no illusion that this excuses lax prevention measures.

Mindful that the landscape can change in an instant, we have actively implemented site
changes to reduce any immediate risk:

● Temperature checks for staff & visitors
● Social distancing adherence in accordance with government recommendations
● Infection control sanitisation stations.