Cumberland Building balances historic preservation and modern living in restoring Sydney’s architectural heritage with beautiful results.

Paddington Renovation I

Architectural Heritage Restoration with Modern Living.

  • Architect:

    Sidney Rofe Architecture

  • Value:

    $1.9 Million

  • Duration:

    15 months

  • About

    At Cumberland Building, we take great pride in our role in restoring Sydney's architectural history while also catering to the needs of modern occupants. Our recent project involved striking a balance between contemporary design ideas and modern living while preserving and enhancing the historic elements of the terrace.

    The result is a beautiful blend of old and new that respects the building's heritage while providing all the comforts and conveniences of modern living. We believe that every home has a unique story to tell, and we are committed to ensuring that each project we undertake respects and enhances that story, while also meeting the needs and desires of its occupants.