The design optimises the small and narrow allotment and features a linear connection expressed through a series of modern forms with a range of modern amenities.

Bellevue Hill Renovation III

Modern and Functional Design for Bellevue Hill House.

  • Architect:

    Mark Shapiro Architects

  • Value:

    $3 Million

  • Duration:

    18 months

  • About

    We had the pleasure of working with Mark Shapiro Architects on the Bellevue Hill House project. We were excited to take on the challenge of building a modern and functional home on a small and narrow allotment, and the design created by Mark Shapiro Architects exceeded our expectations.

    The linear connection expressed through a series of modern forms makes a bold statement and draws the eye through the house, creating a feeling of spaciousness despite the constraints of the site. The range of modern amenities provided elevates everyday living and ensures that the home is both stylish and functional.

    Working closely with the architects, we were able to ensure that the final result captured the personalities of the inhabitants and provided a peaceful retreat. The design is shaped for the past, present and future, and replaces an existing California bungalow style home on the site. We are proud to have been a part of creating a home that captures the fundamentals of contemporary family life with an enduring sensibility, and we believe that the family will enjoy this home for many years to come.